BREAKING: Two killed in another brutal Berbice robbery


Two persons were reportedly killed following a robbery at Bush Lot village, West Coast Berbice in the wee hours of this morning.

While information remains sketchy, the deceased were identified as Athtur Doonauth Rajcoomar and Dianne Chamanlall, 44, of Bush Lot village.

They were reportedly chopped several times about thier bodies.

The INews team is at the scene and will bring you more on this developing story in a subsequent update.

This latest brutal robbery came in the wake of another that occurred just a few days ago when a father of six was killed in what appeared to be a hit after two men entered his Belvedere Corentyne home in Berbice.

Patrick Mohabir, 42, of Lot 9 Belvedere Housing Scheme, Corentyne was killed in that attack after he ws shot and chopped about the body.

According to an earlier INews report on this incident, two men who were armed with a firearm and a cutlass, entered Mohabir’s two storey building through a window on the upper flat. The now dead man reportedly heard sounds and went to check and in so doing, he was confronted by the two bandits.

However, despite his wife, Shabeena Ahmad offering them money, they reportedly shot and chopped the businessman then escape with two mobile phones. No arrests have been made so far as police continue their investigations.

A woman was also burnt to death in another robbery in Berbice a few days ago, when fleeing bandits set her home on fire leaving her tied up and trapped in the building.

There have been a spate of other robberies, especially in the Berbice area, since the start of this year.



  1. Targeted killing of people of East Indian origin is selective genocide in the name of robbery. Shame on the administration and the home ministry. Please act before the citizens take law in their hands……! Greedy AFC leaders join hands with PNC to get post and smile when their own men are killed.

    There is no hope for the people of Guyana. Everyday we wake up to hear that few East Indian origin are killed and this is not robbery this is nothing other than genocide and is a very serious issue.

  2. It’s a clueless government and of course Granger should resign. They are no better than the PPP so don’t fool yourself GMAL.

  3. Where is the chief security Rumjattan?he had all the answers when he was in opposition where is his crime fighting skills now?Guess he is drunk right at this moment.This idiot should step down right now,dont wait another day,square peg in round hole.Mr President put this man to be incharge of DDL.

  4. Most definitely! ! Hopefully the voters of Guyana wake up and smell the stench that is blanketing the nation, brought on by the dacaying bowels of the current government. ..

  5. What has Granger get to do with this is it his fault people are greedy. Oh no I don’t think so. Stupid people its people like you who’s saying Granger should resign is the ones committing the crimes trying to make the president look bad.

  6. Ramjattan is now the minister of insecurity. All his and the AFC/APNU policies have been utter failure. More proactive action is needed URGENTLY. To begin with, RAMJATTAN MUST GO NOW. He is a failure, a total disgrace, he is suffering from chronic impotency syndrome
    GO RUMJHAAAT GO!!!! Too many people are being robbed then murdered. Enough is enough.


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