Breaking! Revenue Authority seizes Bai-Shan-Lin’s luxury vehicles


The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) around noon today seized two luxury vehicles owned by Bai-Shan-Lin over millions of dollars owed in taxes by the company.

suvA source told INews moments ago that the revenue body had been trying for many months to get the Chinese logging company to pay the necessary import taxes owed on the two luxury vehicles, but to no avail.

Just recently, a top Government official had come under severe fire after it was alleged that he ordered GRA officials to halt seizure of the two vehicles during a previous operation. It should also be noted that the Government has remained silent in spite of several calls to explain the government official’s involvement in the matter.

INews will provide more details soon on today’s operation.



  1. Am so please to see after all these years GUYANA have a real gouverment . continue this way , GUYANA is a rich country , just need rulers like u guys , taxes must b paid to develope a country.

  2. Ok as well the president working. He also need to check on those boss who deduct taxes from employees and never pay them to GRA. I worked for Prime Imports of Guyana Inc. From November 2014 to Jan 2016 and they paid only two month taxes but they deducted 10.300 from my salary every given month plus they owe me money and refusing to pay me .


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