BoG to release upgraded $1000 notes


The Bank of Guyana (BoG) has announced that an upgraded $1000 currency note will be issued next month with two significant changes.

These changes are part of the Bank’s commitment to the continuous upgrade of Guyana’s currency notes. The upgraded $1000 note will be released on March 4, 2019, and will circulate alongside the existing notes of the same denomination.
The announcement was made by the BoG in an advertisement.

According to the Bank, this upgraded currency note kept most of the elements of the previous note with only two significant changes to the front and back of the bill.
The first change is the replacement of the holographic stripe at the front of the note with a RAPID® micro-optic security feature.

The six millimetre-wide, blue micro-optic feature displays fluid and highly visible movement behind the national flower – the Victoria Regia Lily, which is also represented in the print on the edges of the note.

With only a slight tilt of the banknote, the BoG added, the bands in the RAPID feature move up and down behind the static numerals “1000” as the flower petals shimmer in blue and white.

Meanwhile, the second change is the replacement of the windowed security thread at the back of the currency note with an embedded plastic thread, which is visible when held against the light.

Guyana’s $1000 note was upgraded in 2011 when improved security features were introduced. At the time, the $500 bill was also upgraded. Among the changes made then to both notes were a “holographic stripe” and an upgraded watermark among other features.



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