Billions of dollars worth of marijuana destroyed by GPF


A drug eradication exercise conducted on Thursday by a party of police along the Berbice River resulted in the destruction of several ganja farms.

The operation was conducted in three different areas with ten fields of a total of 211,220 cannabis sativa plants ranging from 2-6 feet in height.

Five camps were also discovered along with a drying area. In one of the camps, an approximate 2,500 pounds of dried cannabis was found.

A search of a nearby clump of bushes resulted in the discovery of a Maverick Twelve gauge shotgun along with 49 live 12 gauge cartridges.

Moreover, a nursery with approximately 200,000 seedlings was also found.

The Guyana Police Force said the estimated weight of the dried and eradicated cannabis is 337,263 kilograms with an estimated value of “several billion dollars”, based on approved pricing used.

The suspected cannabis and camps were destroyed by fire.

The firearm and ammunition along with a cellular phone which were found have been taken into custody and lodged pending further investigation.

No arrests were made.