Biker killed in Linden accident

Police in Linden are investigating the circumstances surrounding a fatal accident which occurred at about 23:30hrs on Friday along the Amelia’s Ward Public Road in Mackenzie, Linden.
Michael Fox
Michael Fox

Dead is Michael Fox, 22, of Lot 9 Cinderella City, Amelia’s Ward.  Fox was killed when the unregistered CBR motorcycle he was riding at the time slammed into the right rear side of a car bearing licence plate PTT 2372, which was driven by a  20-year-old Government Technical Institute (GTI) student.

Both were rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) where Fox was pronounced dead on arrival, while the driver of the motorcar was admitted for observation. A passenger in the car escaped without injuries.
According to information, the car reportedly stopped at the intersection and then proceeded to cross the main road heading to Amelia’s Ward when the CBR slammed into its rear side.


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