Berbice man killed in brawl, brother-in-law hospitalised

DEAD: Surendra Nauth

A wedding house brawl at Albion, Berbice on Sunday has left one man dead and another hospitalised, with the suspect being someone just released from prison.
Dead is Surendra Nauth, 29, of Lot 43 H and J Albion Front, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), while his brother-in-law, Totaram Bhola, 25, is currently hospitalised.

DEAD: Surendra Nauth
DEAD: Surendra Nauth

The incident reportedly occurred around 00:10hrs Sunday morning when Nauth and his brother-in-law were involved in an argument at Williamsburg, Corentyne, with a man who had allegedly slashed a tyre of their motor vehicle.
It is understood that an argument ensured and the suspect attacked the men with a knife, stabbing Nauth to his abdomen and inflicting a wound to the forehead of Bhola. Following the incident, both Nauth and Bhola were rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where Nauth later succumbed to his injuries.
Police, in a statement yesterday, said they have since identified the suspect, who was popularly known as ‘Shandy’. They are currently on the hunt for him. The Police noted that the suspect was recently released from prison after serving time for wounding another man.
Nauth’s wife, Anita Evans, said she was on the scene when her husband was injured.
In giving an account of what transpired, Evans related that she was dancing when her sister-in-law told her someone had slashed their car tyre. She said this was related to her brother, the owner of the car.
“When we go outside she say that this is the boy that bore the tyre and he ask she if is he bore the tyre and me brother say yes is you bore the tyre and he take out a knife an’ cut me brother on he face,” Evans recounted.
She said her husband then went to the assailant to enquire what was going on and was stabbed to the abdomen. The man also damaged the car’s windshield before fleeing.
Nauth was then rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital. “From the Port Mourant Hospital dem put am in a ambulance and carry he to New Amsterdam,” Evans said, adding that about 05:30h while receiving medical attention, her husband died.

The wedding house where Nauth was before he was killed
The wedding house where Nauth was before he was killed

She said she was able to identify the man who stabbed her husband and referred to him as a “known individual” in that community.
“He always walking with a knife and sometimes he does get a gun. He just come out of jail fuh stabbing a boy six months ago. Last year, he stab me and me brother and he did get eight months,” the DJ at the wedding also commented.
Nauth leaves to mourn two children aged six and seven, his wife and parents.
For this year already, there have been six murders in Berbice.
The first was that of Asif Hafeez, 24, of Crabwood Creek, who was stabbed at his home on New Year’s morning. On January 3, Anita Baichan, 49, of Hope, West Coast Berbice, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) perished in a fire at her home after bandits bound her and set the house ablaze.
Then on January 6, Corentyne businessman Patrick Mohabir, 42, was shot and killed when two intruders entered his Belvedere, Corentyne home and discharged one round at him. Three days later, a Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice couple, Arthur Dudnauth Rajkumar, 81, and Dianne Devi Chamanlall, 41, were killed when three bandits went into their home and chopped them to death. Also recorded in the murders in Berbice this year is that of 18-year-old Dominic Bernard of England, who was discovered in a shallow grave about three miles into the backdam at Kildonan, Corentyne on January 8. Several persons have been placed before the courts for several of the murders.



  1. crime, crime, crime… what else is new in Guyana. Closing down the sugar estate(s).. limited jobs.. what else is there to do. How can they survive?
    I am not sure what the Government is doing or planning on doing but its very scary to live in Guyana.

    you seem to relish the death of Indians but NEVER comment when the PNC TERRORISTS are murdering ordinary Guyanese.
    Your Blatant HATE and despicable Racism is evidence of your poor education and Ignorance.
    any violence is intolerable!

  3. I wonder if the Pnc cause this,,these people should stick to MILK like Shawn Blinds the PeePeePee milk man,,,RUM is the cause of many of our problems,,Sad people ate living this way and will not change,,,


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