Bees disrupt sessions at Georgetown Magistrates’ Court


At approximately 10:00hrs today, a swarm of bees swooped down at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court attacking a number of police officers and members of the public.

The insects appeared to be housed in a tree behind courts one and two and were reportedly disturbed by maintenance workers close by.

Killer bees

One man was attacked just outside of the court compound, resulting in him falling to the ground, unconscious. He was subsequently taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital by police officers.

A few other persons were also attacked by the bees.

On one occasion, the bees attacked a woman forcing her to cross the road without paying attention to the traffic, as she tried to save herself from the stings.

Members of the public that were inside of Court two, which was closest to the area infested with bees, had to be evacuated through the prisoners’ shoot.

Court sessions were suspended, but normalcy returned by lunch time.


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