Bandits strike at Pandit’s house, cart off with money, jewelry

Where the TV used to be.
The ransacked bedroom.
The ransacked bedroom.

Projects’ Research Officer of the Ministry of Agriculture, Pandit Aditya Persaud got the shock of his life when he got home last evening (Thursday September 5) and found a ransacked house, with his TV and other items missing.

Persaud arrived at his lot 487 11th Street Diamond, East Bank Demerara home from mandir last night around 9:00h and discovered that his 42 inch Flat Screen TV, his wife’s jewelry and US$1,200 missing, among other articles.

He told iNews that the house was also ransacked. According to Persaud, he was at work during the day, while his wife also left home around 11:30h and they both returned at the same time and made the shocking discovery.

The ransacked closet.
The ransacked closet.

Persaud believes that the thieves used an empty lot next to his house as their escape route, since it is filled with a lot of vegetation.

It has become a habit for thieves to strike in the Diamond area during the day time hours, while persons are away at work.



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