Attorney General has ingredients of terrorists who killed Paris Journalists – Nagamootoo warns

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

AFC Member of Parliament, Moses Nagamootoo. [iNews' Photo]
AFC Member of Parliament, Moses Nagamootoo. [iNews’ Photo]
[] –Veteran Politician and Alliance for Change (AFC) Executive Member Moses Nagamootoo believes that the attack on the Satirical Magazine in Paris, Charlie Hebdo, mirrors the threats that were made by the country’s Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall against Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glen Lall and his staff.

Nagamootoo made this comment yesterday (January, 09) as he continues to call for a probe into the threats by the Attorney General.

The recording of a telephone conversation was released by Lall to the Guyana Police Force and the media, where the Minister was heard warning senior Journalist Leonard Gildarie to leave the news outfit before a planned attack is carried out.

The AG later admitted that the voice on the recording was his but said the tape was manipulated. Nagamootoo said the killing of journalists and cartoonists at the Charlie Hebdo magazine should serve as a wakeup call for authorities to launch a probe into Nandlall’s threats.

“You know the song Eddie Hooper said take warning, you better do good; Nandlall had given this country a warning that it is possible that you could have terrorist attack on newspapers and that Journalists could be killed and nobody took Nandlall’s warning seriously, they let him off the hook and so we saw today what literally a script written by Nandlall being played out in Paris and whether you say those were Islamic extremists or Islamic fundamentalists or Islamic totalitarians, it’s not very important,” Nagamootoo told members of the media.

When the Minister was asked to respond to Nagamotoo’s comments, he not only brushed it aside but made another controversial statement in the typical Nandlall fashion.

Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall.
Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall.

“It serves as a warning,” he laughed adding that, “Well if you cross the road carelessly your life will be struck down by an errand driver,” Nandlall said as he walked away.

After the matter was reported to the police by Lall, it was investigated and the file was sent to the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Shalimar Ali – Hack.

However, Hack recommended that no criminal charges be brought against Nandlall. She instead reminded that the matter was a private telephone conversation between the Attorney General and “his personal friend.”

This decision did not set well with Lall who lashed out at Hack. Lall said the DPP’s judgment came as no surprise to him while suggesting that it was politically influenced.



  1. It was a very simple case. Instead of Glenn Lall filing the report, leonard should have. It is Glenn Lall’s lawyer who failed to properly advice him on the way forward. In my opinion Glen Lall was very quick in his actions and seek advice from individual who is either ripping him off or lack proper skills in this type of case.

  2. One should question the reason why Nagamootoo is no longer a PPP member. He should not be the one uttering these words. He was an Information minister who failed to carry out his duties effectively. If Nagamootoo is so confident about his utterance why Isn’t he given the chance to represent Glenn Lall fully. Similar to the reason why he lost the presidential candidate’s position in 2011 he is not given the opportunity to represent Glenn Lall. It is all because of his fictitious story telling, arrogant behavior, jealousy, hatred and power hunger.

  3. Ppl like the AG and bar-RAT should be ducking and running everyday, its the only thing they know ,,,you see what made the police take action when the police burn the little boy, its this kind of justice they like ,,

  4. Hatred, bitterness, jealousy and anger have darkened this man’s (Nagamootoo) soul. What a loser. Is this the best analysis for a journalist now an attorney who claims to have years of experience????????

    Thank you to the PPP (especially the late Janet Jagan) for spotting a fraud and kicking him out. Each new day exposes more of what Nagamootoo suppressed /faked for decades. Nagamootoo is a FRAUD.

  5. he is a loose canon and very pompous to boot!

    the reporter put the question to him and going by his remark you can see how reckless and irresponsible he is as well as being a total misfit for the office he holds.

    he was clearly foisted upon the guyanese people and in any other civilized country in the world he would have had to answer for his remarks.

    …. but is guyana we talkin’ about here!

  6. po naga dont have a voice now in afc so he has to stick it to all member of ppp…po old dude loosing it..naga must have felt like naga-poo-poo when granger look he in he hugly face and seh ah dont trust yuh yuh is a barn ppp..po naga had no defense for that.

  7. I don’t know what to say about the government in power ,they are not doing a good job, if was in America that minister would have been in jail, for saying such things over the phone, that’s evidence he is a lawyer he should have known better, that’s my opinion.


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