As tides rise, residents call for higher sea defences

Huge waves overpowering the sea defence at Cornelia Ida, ECD

With intense overtopping along the costal stretch as a result of high tides this past year, persons residing on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD) are calling for stronger reinforcement of the sea defences.

The effects of climate change are beginning to worry scores of residents, who have, for three times already this year, battled with extreme flooding from overtopping caused by unusually high tides.

Huge waves overpowering the sea defence at Cornelia Ida, ECD

Sherryann Wickham, who lives a stone’s throw away from the seawall, explained that the current structure cannot shelter residents from these tumbling waves, measuring over 10 feet tall in some cases.

Another resident expressed worry at the thought of this disaster happening every time there is high tide.

“We were scared because we know the losses that we does get and no help.”

“We asking for the koker to get a safer door because it does be breaking steady with this high tide. I think the boulders need to raise more high because we does flood terrible out here”.

In the past two days, the door of the sluice was breached two times and some persons have had sleepless nights after being on the alert for a future catastrophe.

Data Chandra relayed, “Last night (Tuesday night), we didn’t sleep. We were on the alert and when the water start knocking, I jump up and then we hear a big noise when the koker break away”.

The main koker at the border of Stewartville and Uitvlugt villages encountered a breach, which was discovered some time around 18:30h.

It was quickly fixed by the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s (GuySuCo) Uitvlugt Estate team.

Last year, four kokers had collapsed under pressure after powerful waves hammered the wooden doors.