As Mayor & Deputy sworn in, MAPM holds mini protest as a reminder to M&CC


…says protest will be in full effect if no update given by 9th week of consultations

After a three weeks hiatus, the Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) on Monday reassembled in front of City Hall to send a reminder of their opposition towards the parking meter contract.

The minor demonstration of just about 20 persons coincided with the swearing in of the Mayor and new Deputy Mayor of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) at an Extraordinary Statutory Meeting.

The MAPM pointed out that the motive of the gathering was merely to send a reminder to M&CC that they are holding out for the revocation of the “illegal” parking meter contract. Furthermore, the dedicated activists made it known that they will not just evaporate.

Leading the protest was organizer of the Movement, Don Singh, who explained the motives behind the abrupt gathering. Singh pointed out that MAPM is still around and have no intentions of going away until the contract has been completely dismantled.

The front runner against the pay-to-park initiative went on to say that the Mayor and City Council has been quiet on the matter since it was placed under consultation by Central Government, three weeks ago. However, he noted that if no update is given by the ninth week, the protest will be back on in full effective.

Sharing similar sentiments was Roger Yearwood, another well-known protester in the anti-parking meter movement. Yearwood stated that while the parking meter project is on suspension for three months, they have not forgotten. He went on to say that if no satisfaction is derived from the consultation, demonstrations will continue as they were before.

This protest came just moments after Patricia Chase-Green was reinstated as Mayor while Lionel Jaikaran joined her as Deputy Mayor of Georgetown. It was during this event that Chase-Green announced that consultations into the parking meter contract will commence on Wednesday.



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