Arson suspected as vulcanizing shop and house go up in flames


Arson has been suspected as a vulcanising shop and house located at Durban and George Streets, Georgetown went up in flames early this morning.

Losses have been estimated in the millions.

The owner of the vulcanizing shop Kevin Phillips said he was awakened at around 01:00hours by the barking of his dogs and upon checking, he noticed two persons riding away from the premises. Almost immediately after, he noticed the building was on fire.

Phillips lived upstairs of the vulcanizing shop with his family of six. The house was reportedly being rented by several persons. INews understands that in total, 18 persons are now homeless.

Divisional Fire Officer Haimchandra Persaud said the firefighters managed to control the flames and prevent it from destroying other structures.

However the building which houses the Elegance Jewelry and Pawn Shop suffered minor damages on the western walls.

Investigations are ongoing.