Armed bandits rob several persons in Berbice


Police in Berbice are investigating three robberies that occurred on the Corentyne over the weekend that were committed by armed bandits.

Reports are that the robberies occurred on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

INews understands that on Friday at about 22:15h, three masked men — two armed with handguns and the other with a cutlass –robbed a Maida Farm, Corentyne, Berbice family of two gold finger rings valued $40,000, two cellular phones, four Brazilian bangles valued $20,000, and cash of $6,000.

Reports are that 46-year-old Scarlette Ishmael, her 51-year-old husband and their teenage daughter returned home, and as they drove into the yard, they saw three masked men therein.

Ishmael reportedly opened the door, rushed into the house, and hid herself in a wardrobe.

Her teenage daughter ran towards the gate, but one of the bandits discharged a round in her direction and she fell to the ground. She was reportedly dragged back to the car.

The men demanded cash and jewellery from her, and she handed over a bag containing  jewellery, phones and cash.

The men then made good their escape.

Meanwhile, on Saturday at about 01:45h, at Maida Farm, Corentyne, three masked men — two armed with handguns and the other with a cutlass – went to a house, where they robbed a family of four cellular phones valued at $250,000, one laptop computer, jewellery and $53,000 cash.

Reports are that a teenager was asleep alone in the upper flat of the two-storey building when she was awoken by one of the masked men. The teen jumped out of bed and bolted for the front door screaming.

Ravin Doobay, 33, who was on the lower flat of the house, went to investigate; but as he headed up the stairway, he was confronted by the gunmen, who pushed him down the stairs.

The men then tied his hands behind his back. Elroy Johnson, 46, who was in the lower flat, was also taken captive, beaten and tied up.

The men then ransacked the house, but made good their escape as the teenager ran for help. Police arrived, and combed the area, but came up empty-handed.

Johnson, who received minor injuries, was treated at the Port Mourant Hospital and sent away.

Investigations revealed that the bandits gained entry to the home through the back door of the lower flat of the farmer’s home.

Moreover, on Sunday at about 23:00h, a Fyrish Village couple was on a motorcycle in front of a grocery store when three men approached then and blocked their path. One of the men held onto the bike and slapped the motorcyclist.

Another one pulled his girlfriend, Shavanie Sudoo, 22, off of the bike, and took away a cellular phone and $15,000. The matter was reported to the Police.

Based on information received, one person was arrested and the stolen articles were recovered. That person is currently assisting with the investigations. (Andrew Carmichael)


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