Armed bandits rob delivery truck at Agricola


A driver and a porter are now extremely grateful for their lives following a daring daylight robbery at Agricola, Greater Georgetown.

The men, who were operating a gas delivery truck, were confronted by two armed men on a motorcycle at around 13:30hrs while they were in traffic on the East Bank Highway.

One man was armed with a gun while the other with a cutlass.

Reports are that the perpetrators rode alongside the truck and pointed the gun at the driver, to force him to pull over.

The driver, who said he was scared for his life, stopped the truck.

He was robbed of his cell phone and an undisclosed amount of cash.

A passerby told Inews that he was travelling to Eccles, East Bank Demerara(EBD) when he noticed a commotion and slowed down to enquire.

“I saw the congestion and decided to slow down and I notice two guys riding away on a CG motorcycle into Agricola. Then I realise is rob they rob him. The driver just left standing there trembling, thankful for his life because it look like them boys were armed,” the man related.

He added that no one pursued the suspects. “Nobody ain’t chase them or anything, because you done know you can’t survive in there if the boys come for you. At least thank God still, because it could have been worse,” he added.

An alarm was raised and Police were summoned to the scene.