APNU+AFC to launch manifesto at Stabroek Market Square today


Capture[www.inewsguyana.com] – The APNU+AFC coalition is set to launch its manifesto today, Thursday, April 30 at the Stabroek Market Square downtown Georgetown at 15:00hrs.

The manifesto is being launched as preparations for General and Regional Elections intensify with just 11 days remaining before Guyanese head to the polls. The official launch is also being done some two days before some 7000 members of the disciplined services cast their ballots – May 2.

In recent weeks, a draft manifesto from the coalition had made its way into the public domain and detailed a host of increases for public servants and servicemen along with a plethora of other developmental plans to take Guyana forward.

The leaked document had stirred a lot of social debate with most of the conversation being about the proposed salary increases for public servants and disciplinary service officers which were noted in the 46 page document.

The document proposed that should the APNU+AFC be elected to office, it would institute a 10% across the board increase for salary workers in the first instance. This will be done as a prelude to the resuscitation of collective bargaining for the public service.

According to the draft document, the APNU+AFC also has plans to constitute an Independent Constitutional Salaries Review Commission to be responsible for the periodic review of salaries, pensions and other conditions for persons appointed to constitutional offices including the President, Prime Minister and members of the judiciary.

Looking towards to the security sector, the coalition had drafted plans to increase the salaries of all law enforcement officers by a sweeping 20% during its first year in office.

However, mere hours after the document was leaked Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has said that he is not impressed by the document deeming it visionless.



  1. Green u a comic. Didn’t u hear what Jagdeo had to say man? The man get a comforter plugged in his mouth. Is when Granger give him the one in his ass..lmfao.

  2. a bunch of fishermen,what else do you expect,launching at the big market,these are the same people wants to run this country with their market mentality.

  3. Only Jagdeo and the PPP/C party are not impressed with the manifesto of APNU/AFC coalition,by the way,it will be disclosed today at the Stabroek Market Square.I believe,the reason why they`re not impressed,is because what they`ve seen,is the honesty,fairness and a better plan to take Guyana forward, no false promises and no lack of transparency.SMS,here I come.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE,

  4. look at these clowns..launching their man e festo de wrong place..they should launch in whim..nagamoottoo at this rate cant deliver that 11% indian baby to he new husband if they doing their thning in pnc strongholds..lol


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