Ali promises to restore hope among Guyanese


Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) presidential candidate, Irfaan Ali has promised to restore hope among Guyanese, especially those who have experienced some form of struggle within the last few years.

Ali was at the time delivering remarks at the Party’s Georgetown District fundraising dinner on Monday evening at Parc Rayne.

“Today, families and women and mothers are not only faced with the hardship that the economy is bringing to them, they are faced with broken down social infrastructure, broken down healthcare system, a broken education system, a system in which safety and security is not guaranteed,” he explained.

To this end, he promised to restore hope among those families. “This party struggles every day to advance the cause of humanity,” Ali expressed.

“We owe it to those mothers, we owe it to every single woman of this country, to struggle, to fight and to restore for them, that hope, that dignity, that price to be able to protect their family,” he stated.

In preparation for the upcoming General and Regional Elections, the PPP/C has unveiled part of its elections manifesto, where it provided a glimpse of its plan for the country should it be elected at the March 2020 polls.

According to Ali, this plan will truly guarantee a good life for every single citizen of Guyana.

“I present to you a PPP plan that will deliver this better tomorrow that will ensure our young people will look up to tomorrow with hope,” the Presidential Candidate posited.

“When you support us on March 2, you are supporting more jobs, you are supporting a better economy, you are supporting the protection of your rights… [you are supporting] youth development, a safe and secure environment, development of the productive sectors, real growth, infrastructural development, a better education system, a stronger and more united Guyana in which investment will flow once again, jobs will be restored and most importantly, there will be social justice for all,” Ali said.