AFC MP “buy out” was fabricated – Granger hints

President Donald Ramotar (right) along with Culture Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony (first from left); APNU Executive Member, Joseph Harmon; Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan.

By Kurt Campbell

Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Opposition Leader and Leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), David Granger says he is very confident that all his Parliamentarians will vote solidly in support of the No – Confidence Motion against the Donald Ramotar led Administration when the time arises.

His comment comes a day after Alliance for Changer (AFC) Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan claimed that there were attempts by the government to buy the support of three opposition MPs at $30M each.

At his weekly press briefing this morning, Friday, September 19, Granger said he is very confident that it was none of his MPs.

While he did not state what led him to hold such a strong position, Granger sought to hint that the claim may very well be a fabrication.

“I don’t know if there is an offer at all… I don’t know who made it up or where it came from,” he told reporters; adding that there is no discussion between the ruling People’s Progressing Party and his opposition coalition to hold off on the no confidence vote.

When Ramjattan made the starling disclosure yesterday, he did not reveal which opposition Party members the PPP is in talks with for their support but stated that the AFC has put measures in place to ensure its members do not buy into the PPP’s plot.

To this end, Ramjattan believes his MPs will hold true to the Party’s position.

He said he could not speak for APNU but said from all indication, that Party’s membership in the House will vote ‘yes’ on the Motion.

Opposition members in Parliament
Opposition members in Parliament

Ramjattan has since been called upon by the government and the ruling Party to disclose fully the details of this alleged “buy out” even as it categorically denies the allegation.

The  Office of the President says it views with utter shock the latest public revelation by the Ramjattan; adding that this startling disclosure follows a long line of reckless and baseless utterances emanating from the AFC.

“The Office of the President rejects this outrageous allegation and challenges Ramjattan to disclose, forthwith and publicly, the names of these three Parliamentarians to which he makes reference and to further make a full and frank public disclosure of all or any information which he claims he has received in relation to this matter,” the statement added.

The AFC on August 07 hardened its position in going forward with a vote of no – confidence against the Donald Ramotar led administration by submitting the document to Clerk of the National Assembly, Sherlock Isaacs. Granger had given the AFC all assurance that his Party will support the motion in the House when it is put to a vote.


  1. How corrupt were the republicans to sabotage Obama care? How corrupt is Putin to invade a sovereign state? Point is corruption, greed and politics come with the territory. Bobby is right, a host of parliamentarians from afc are guilty of corruption, I don’t even have to mention about the pnc, they were born with corruption in their bones. But dissect the whole parliament and other great minds of the country and tell me who has more to offer better??? It will be the same or worse if afc or CRAPNU end up leading this country. With no political training and with the thirst for power and greed Guyana will surely come to an end!

  2. most of the things the afc say are fabricated . they have not, through the years, proven even one instance of the corruption they constantly hark about. they hear about parties in other countries winning elections on the anti- corruption platform so they decided to try a thing and make anti-corruption their mantra. but the irony of it is that the leaders of the afc have proven over the years to be the most corrupt of all politicians in Guyana. trotman, ramjattan, nagamootoo,nigel hughes, badal,ramaya, flour man, sasenarine singh… you name them they were all embroiled in some corruption scandal of some sort at some time or the other. and you bet ,even though they now face extinction their mindset is such that they will go to their political graves crying corruption.

  3. Given the corrupt nature of the beast called the PPP, an attempted ‘buy out’ of enough opposition MPs on the no-confidence motion is not improbable. PUT NOTHING PAST THIS PPP, FOLKS!
    This does not mean Granger is right or wrong in his belief the leaked information is a fabrication; it simply means that he does not believe any of his MPs have been approached.
    Still, this issue now focuses public attention on ALL MPs going into the no-confidence vote, to see who, if anyone, will be absent.

  4. granger getting he cut so what does he care. granger knos he can never be president of guyana through the ballot box once its free fair transparent: granger and the boys in UK and UK knows pnc support base too tiny to ever win an election. ramjatan must be afraid to talk dat one of de people is granger hahhaha

  5. Finally convinced that Ramjattan can’t be trusted. He invented the ‘buy out’ scandal and now he is calling on the government to disclose the details to save face. The thing has backfired on him. Don’t forget that it is his party that called the no confidence motion so Ramjattan has to look as if he is keeping up the pressure. Granger and the PNC are reluctant followers in the no-confidence motion. That is why Granger said he doesn’t ‘know if there is an offer at all.’


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