Aeronautical school trainees educated on aviation safety


To allow first and second-year students of the Art Williams & Harry Wendt Aeronautical School to explore the diversification of the aviation sector, a safety in aviation seminar was held on Wednesday, where extensive lessons on safety maintenance in the sector were shared from various perspectives.

The safety seminar was hosted by volunteers from the American Airlines Caribbean Employee Business Resource Group, at the aeronautical school’s headquarters, Ogle East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Some of the aeronautical engineering students during the seminar

Some of the safety areas that were expected to be discussed with the students included safety on the ramp, bag segregation, communication and fire among others, some of which was undertaken by pilots, flights attendants and ramp personnel.

This was explained to this publication during a brief engagement with General Manager/Accountable Manager of the Art Williams & Harry Wendt Aeronautical School, Nalini Chanderban.

“What we have today is American Airlines, through an initiative in the Caribbean, they are visiting us and are doing a talk on safety from various perspectives like ramp operations, the flight attendants’ perspective and the pilot’s perspective…So they would’ve already done courses in natural sciences, in airframe system and they’re getting a feel of the wider spectrum of what aviation offers,” she emphasised.

According to Chanderban, not only will the students be exposed to safety practices but they will also have a chance to explore the different careers in the aviation sector which may spark interest among some.

“The sector— aviation— is large in the sense that there are various career fields, so they are getting a chance to hear from persons of American Airlines of different career opportunities. So even though you start off as an aircraft engineer, you don’t necessarily have to stay in that field but you’re getting an opportunity to see that there’s training in other areas and an idea from what it’s like from a representative,” Chanderban noted.

Some 72 students from both first-year and second-year classes participated in the safety seminar.