98-Y-O woman now says she was not raped – Police


The Guyana Police Force (GPF), in a statement today, said the 98-year-old woman from Berbice who alleged that she was allegedly raped on February 23, is now claiming that she was never sexually assaulted.

As such, the suspects who were in custody have been released.

See full statement from the GPF on the matter: 

Clarification of Nonagenarian’s Rape Allegation

Subsequent to the report on the alleged rape of a nonagenarian of 2021.02.23, the Guyana Police Force informs of the nature of the matter.

The report was received via a phone call of an alleged assault. Upon arrival at the scene, the police met the virtual complainant who said she was assaulted. A neighbour (named) told the police that she will clean up the virtual complainant and then take her to the hospital. As such the police left to obtain a medical form and return.

While in the process of bathing her, the neighbour said observed blood on the virtual complainant’s underwear and suspected she was raped.

Both the virtual complainant and the suspects were interviewed intensely with no useful information obtained. The virtual complainant – in the presence of a social worker and detectives – vehemently denies being sexually assaulted.

The suspects were released and have to report to the police periodically until the investigation is completed.