5 arrested over discovery of unlicensed guns, other suspicious items at Grove


Law enforcement officials, moments ago, have confirmed that at least five persons are now in Police custody after a search conducted on their vehicle unearthed two unlicensed firearms along with several other suspicious items.

The discovery was made sometime around 09:30h today (Thursday) during an intelligence-led operation commanded by a senior officer.

According to reports, the ranks intercepted a white Toyota Fielder Wagon at Samatta Point, Grove, East Bank Demerara, and the five male occupants were searched.

However, after nothing suspicious was found on their persons, a search was then carried out on the vehicle during which the ranks found a haversack hidden under the back seat.

Upon examination: an unlicensed .45 Colt Pistol with four live rounds; an unlicensed 9MM Ruger Pistol with nine live rounds; a pair of ‘paste-on’ number plates; a black jersey; a knife; a camouflage cap; a door lock and a screwdriver were found.

The five suspects, ages 27, 28, 29, 30 and 33 years, all residing on the East Bank of Demerara, have since been taken into custody and are being processed for court.

The police said that the men are all known characters.



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