48th Republic Anniversary Messages


People’s Progressive Party

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) takes this opportunity to express best wishes to all Guyanese here in the homeland and those in the Diaspora on the occasion of our nation’s 48th anniversary as a Republic.

This auspicious occasion is one that evokes pride among all of our people as our country celebrates its final transition to self-rule. On becoming a Republic, Guyanese were empowered on various fronts including its right to choose its own Head of State; a further demonstration of its sovereignty.

The jubilant celebrations through vibrant music and a multitude of colours reflect not just reveling after hard-work as the name of our national holiday, Mashramani, connotes, but our rich diversity that define us as a nation.

Our nation’s journey to becoming a Republic was fraught with many challenges. However, its attainment is testimony to the patriotism, fortitude and resilience of all of our people who remained steadfast to their commitment to nationhood.

Our Party is cognizant of and recognizes the dedication and efforts of all involved in the various activities held across the country, including the national costume parade. These allow Guyanese and visitors to experience the splendor of our cultural diversity.

It is the Party’s fervent hope that all will take the opportunity to reflect on Guyana’s journey as a nation and be imbued with a profound sense of pride as the occasion of Mashramani 2018 is being observed and celebrated.

Happy Mashramani!

The People’s National Congress Reform

The People’s National Congress Reform is pleased to extend greetings and good wishes to all of the people of Guyana as we celebrate the 48th Anniversary of our Republican status.

The anniversary of the Republic, apart from the national celebration of Mashramani, is an occasion for reflection and assessment of the state of our nation, 48 years after Guyana was declared a Republic. This year Mashramani is being held under the theme, “Lets Cooperate and Celebrate Republic 48”. In this regard, it must be evident to all that we, as Guyanese, need to redouble our efforts to achieve greater trust and cooperation between our communities. We want happy families and households. We want better inter-personal relations. We must strengthen national unity, expand national infrastructure, fortify national institutions, ensure national security and extend public services.

Accordingly, the PNCR wishes all of the people of Guyana, a Happy Republic holiday, and a joyous celebration of Mashramani, as we pray that the spirit of peace, love and unity will dwell among us on the 48th Anniversary of our Republic.

Happy Mashramani!


As Guyana celebrates its forty-eighth (48th) anniversary as a Republic our citizens have another opportunity during the time that has elapsed since February, 1970 to assess what and where that Constitutional status has brought us.

We became a Republic but remained within the Commonwealth of Nations – that grouping of former British colonies. This was a major step, following Independence in 1966, and one which was intended to be in the furtherance of our independent status and forging of our nationhood. With this step a local President replaced the Queen of England as our Head of State and this, with other Constitutional reforms, solidified our independent status.

The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) salutes our nation on this important anniversary of Republicanism but takes a sober look at where the Republic stands nearly half a century on.

No doubt we made strides, in various socio-economic aspects during this time but we contend that the economic transformation whereby the masses of Guyanese could feel and experience and what was expected from this Constitutional status is still to be experienced.

To this day, the economic struggle for a reasonable standard of living continues. Too many of our skilled, qualified citizens have opted for migration in pursuit of a better life. As we have noted before the “Good Life” here is still out of grasp of the working-people.

Also, GAWU recognizes that disunity is still among our several vexing realities and, we believe, impacts our society and contribute to a lack of progress. We urge our leaders, at this time, to recognize their deficit in our society and to consider in a matured responsible way how to forge unity which is generally recognized as desirable.

Even as we celebrate our Republican status, we feel constrained to point out that thousands have  joined the breadline with no structured programmes to mitigate the massive redundancy that have so callously descended upon them. This is a blemish on our national leadership and is an act that surely will not ease social tensions nor aid, in any way, our economic growth.

At this time too, we cannot ignore other realities that have a reduced the quality of life of our fellow citizens generally, viz crime, carnage on the roads, home invasion, corruption and unemployment.

None-the-less, GAWU calls on Guyanese not to abandon hope and unite and struggle for genuine change. As the Anniversary’s Mashramani events take centre-stage, let us celebrate but, bear in mind our responsibilities as citizens of our Republic to bring about enduring prosperity and all-round progress benefitting every Guyanese.

A happy, peaceful Republic Anniversary and Mashramani 2018 to all!


The Indian Action Committee (IAC) in recognition of the 48th Anniversary of Guyana achieving republican status is calling upon all Guyanese citizens including those who will be involved in public celebrations, to observe this day in a safe and considerate manner given the fact that many persons will be consuming alcohol in large quantity.

The IAC further calls upon all drivers who are involved in festivities to observe the basic rule of not drinking and driving.

The IAC recognizes that the date itself is linked to the Berbice uprising of enslaved persons of African origin which allowed the then Dutch colony of Berbice to be administered by the temporarily freed slaves for a period of one year between 1763 and 1764.

The IAC also recognizes that a number of citizens, particularly dislocated sugar workers, and their families will not be partaking in this year’s activities because of severe financial constraints and the organization encourages these persons to remain within their own communities and observe the day in private gatherings.

The IAC understands that many families of all ethnicities are presently suffering untold hardships in this current state of economic downturn in Guyana.

The IAC joins with the political parties, religious bodies, trade unions and other civil society groups in the call for inclusion, genuine and lasting national unity in the drive towards economic development and prosperity.

The IAC wishes all Guyanese a Happy 48th Republic Anniversary.



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