4 male students confessed to setting hostel on fire

The St Angela's Girls hostel engulfed in flames at Karasabai, Region 9

Hours after a fire destroyed the St. Angela’s Girls’ Hostel at Karasabai Village, South Pakaraimas, four young men have since confessed to setting the building on fire.

The police confirmed that the fire occurred between 2:30h and 03:00h on Thursday. Investigations revealed that the building was occupied by 19 students between the ages of 11 to 16-year-old.

However, police stated that four male students threatened to set fire to the building after they were chased from the premises by the caretaker.

“They made good on their promise at the time mentioned but all the female students were able to make it to safety while an alarm was raised and police of Karasabai Police Station and villagers immediately formed a bucket brigade and extinguished the fire,” Police stated.

The alleged suspects were contacted and interviewed by the police in the presence of Commander Region #9, the Regional Education Officer and their parents during which they confessed to the planning and executing of the crime.

The alleged suspects are presently in custody assisting with further investigations.