36-Y-O man stabbed to death during fight at Mahdia

Seon Grant

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 36-year-old Seon Grant, a porknocker of De Kendren West Coast Demerara.

The incident occurred during the wee hours of today at Nine Miles, Mahdia in Region 8.

Grant and the suspect were at a shop consuming alcohol. They both left the rum shop at about 01:30hrs today.

The suspect was walking through a trail with his brother when the victim rode up along side them on a motorcycle with another male.

The victim stopped the bike, disembarked and shouted at the suspect. He then reportedly pushed the suspect, during which, a scuffle ensued.

During the fight, the suspect pulled a knife and stabbed Grant twice; once to his neck and once to his abdomen.

Grant fell to the ground and was picked up by bystanders who rushed him to Mahdia Regional Hospital where he was treated and hospitalised.

While waiting medevac to be air-dash to Georgetown, he succumbed.

The suspect is in custody.