29-Y-O woman found dead in creek



Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 29-year-old woman of North West District.

Melinda Henry and her 59-year-old reputed husband were consuming alcohol at a camp on September 8.

The husband, a mechanic, left the camp to go speak with his father-in-law. He then returned to the camp where he observed that his wife was missing. He immediately informed his father-in-law and they began a search for the woman.

About 23:00hrs, they abandoned the search effort after being unable to locate her.

The next day, the husband proceeded to the Baramita Police Station, to make a report when he was contacted by his father-in-law informing him that his reputed wife is dead.

The man still made a report, after which a rank from the station accompanied him to the camp where they found the woman’s body floating in the creek.

The body was fished out of the creek and examined by the medic and police who observed a bruises on her upper right thigh.

The body was then transferred to the Port Kaituma Hospital Mortuary.

Investigation is ongoing.