280 boxes of fire crackers seized in Region 2


− 7 arrested, placed before the court

Responding to numerous complaints over the use of fire crackers, Police in ‘G’ Division (Essequibo Coast/Essequibo Islands) promptly acted on information and arrested several persons.

Reports indicate that some 14 shops and stalls were searched and a total of 280 boxes of illegal fire crackers (squibs and mini-channa bombs) were unearthed at various locations. The fire crackers were said to be of different brands. All seizures and raids were conducted during the observance of Diwali.

Crackers- Boxes of illegal fire crackers seized in Region Two
Crackers- Boxes of illegal fire crackers seized in Region Two

Once reports were made by residents about the noise nuisance, Police swooped down on the identified area, and those caught with the crackers were held responsible.

The Guyana Times today reported that seven persons were arrested; however only five appeared before magistrate Sunil Scarce on Monday at the Charity Magistrate’s Court. Their matters were deferred to the Anna Regina Magistrate’s Court for November 1, where sentencing will be levelled. Two other persons will make their court appearance at the same court on the same day.

Prior to the Diwali celebrations, persons were warned by various authorities, including the Guyana Police Force, about the use of fire crackers.

During the festival, loud crackling sounds could be heard throughout the villages. Apart from making reports to the Police, several residents shared their views on the popular social media website, Facebook, over the said issues. Elders and children were predominantly affected.


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