2:00am curfew to be ‘selectively relaxed’ for jubilee celebrations

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan said the 2:00am curfew will be selectively relaxed for the upcoming 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations.
Minister Khemraj Ramjattan
Minister Khemraj Ramjattan

Minister Ramjattan, who introduced the curfew in an effort  to bring down the crime rates, told media operatives on Monday that the curfew will be waivered for certain events during the period of festivities.

He noted that those in the entertainment industry desirous of having the waiver for their events will have to apply.
At the time, he could not name every occasion in which the remission will be effective. However, he noted that the respective justifications must be solid before the 2:00am curfew is lifted. The minister disclosed that he already received numerous requests for the curfew to be relaxed.
Ramjattan said he will have to utilise his discretion in making the selection and cautioned that he is taking the strictest approach in dealing with the matter.


  1. Is not the Entertainment Businesses that are causing the Crimes but the Kick the Door Bandits who are killing People for Valuables, Mr Co-lateral Minister.

  2. This is why Guyanese will continue to live in hell,the laws are to be maintained. So tell me is this minister sending a signal that during the jump up time crime,accidents,and whatever nonsense he claimed in the fist place will not happen? I see ever photo of a car weather it was a accident or one used in some crime is tinted even the windshield is just a narrow clear strip,Guyanese have a very tuff life ahead of them,this government is confusing shameful and is not much better than the 3p,,


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