19-year-old on robbery charge placed on $175,000 bail


A La Penitence man was today slapped with an aggravated robbery charge when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.

19-year-old David Larose of Lot 20 Independence Boulevard La Penitence, Georgetown pleaded not guilty to the charge when it was read to him.

David Larose
David Larose

It is alleged that on March 9, 2016 at Albouystown, Georgetown while using personal violence, he robbed Andre Rogers of 1 Motorcycle CF1322 valued $400,000 and 2 cell phones valued $8000, a total value of $408,000 all property of Andre Rogers.

The prosecution’s facts stated that the Virtual Complainant (VC) and defendant are known to each other. One the day in question, the defendant assaulted the VC and took away the motorcycle. The motorcycle was recovered after it was brought back to the VC by the person it was sold to by the defendant.

As a result of the robbery, the VC sustained severe injuries to his head and had to be rushed to the Dental School for surgery.

Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones unsuccessfully objected to bail due to the gravity of the offense.

However, bail was granted in the sum of $175,000 and the defendant was ordered not to go within 50 feet of the VC until completion of the trial.

This matter will be called to court again on April 7, 2016 for statements.



  1. Only 19 years old and look what he is doing already. Let the magistrate do a background check on him and see what kind of household he came from; most likely a broken home with no father to teach him to have respect for other people and their property. The father and mother should be brought to court to answer the charge too. That will teach the rest to stop making monsters and leaving them to prey on other people’s law abiding children. Most parents know what the children are doing but the don’t try to stop them, why, is this a jungle we living in that one man can beat up another and take away his stuff just because he can?

  2. 19-year-old on robbery charge placed on $175,000 bail
    young big strong but dont intend on smelling their stink sweat for what they want


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