16-year-old key witness in Narindatt’s murder reportedly poisoned

Marcus Bisram was arrested  in Queens for the 2016 murder Faiyaz Narindatt

A key witness in the murder case against businessman, Marcus Bisram was rushed to the Skeldon Hospital on Thursday after reportedly being poisoned. His condition is listed as serious.

Based on information received, relatives of the 16-year-old witness said they last saw him in the company of his friend- who is reportedly a relative of Bisram.

Bisram was just a few weeks ago arrested by police in New York after being implicated in the murder of a Berbice Carpenter, Faiyaz Narindatt. Efforts are being made to have him extradited.

It is alleged that in October of last year, Bisram hired several men to kill the carpenter after he reportedly rejected his (Bisram’s) sexual advances.

Investigations are ongoing.


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