120 employees on the breadline as GTT restructures

GTT CEO Justin Nedd
GTT CEO Justin Nedd

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT), has today announced that 120 positions in its company would be made redundant over the next 12 months as the company says its seeking to restructure it operations “with the new environment in which it provides services.”

GTT in a release said that six employees from multiple departments have been released already and also noted that they will be receiving their “full benefits and severance. In addition, the company is providing opportunities for these employees to receive training to prepare them for their new endeavours.”

In an internal memorandum to all employees today, GTT Central Executive Officer (CEO) Justin Nedd reported that “we are on the verge of really creating a company that is built for the future and we must position ourselves to ensure that everyone understands his or her role and is driven in the same direction.”

Inews understands that  in several staff meetings and interactions held over past months, employees were briefed by the Nedd about the need to resize the company to remain viable.

The company outlined that ensuring that the right employees are in the right roles is one of its top priorities for 2017, in addition to improving customer care and completing negotiations with Government “on a mutually beneficial agreement in the context of the liberalization of the telecommunications sector.”

According to GTT “liberalization will, for the first time in a long time, allow GTT the opportunity to operate on a playing field that is level. This means that for the first time it is likely that competitors in the same sector pay the same taxes and fees as GTT has over the last 26 years.”

CEO Nedd added that “At the end, we will come out stronger as we shift from a technical centric organization to an organization that is focused on satisfying the customers’ needs and,eventually, consistently delighting our customers.”


  1. Maybe I am racist after all………………..too many employees of one ethnic background was being employed by GTT. The Human Services should take that into consideration when recruiting prospective employees and gave all ethnic groups a fair chance.
    Internet and computers have take up jobs that were done manually.
    I trust that the waiting period for services on land line to be restored would decrease. Its’ now 3-7 working days. Probably the only country on the world where this happens.

  2. KARMA–that’s what it’s called–soldier bai doing a great job whats next will the scums go protest the dictators office now for their jobs–these are the same fools that were in support of the moron closing down wales-now is their turn go rot in hell you bastards.


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