1000 jobs to be created with launch of new call centre in Georgetown

Some of the members of Teleperformace

U.S.-based call centre, Teleperformance has officially launched its operations in Guyana on Friday, January 15, during a ceremony at the company’s 51 Camp and Robb streets location.

Some of the members of Teleperformace
Some of the members of Teleperformace

According to company officials the call centre is a collaborative effort with the Bakke Graduate University and is aimed at creating jobs for some 1000 Guyanese youths.

Vice President of the company, Dr Dale Dan highlighted that Guyana was chosen for the setting up of the company for a number of reasons; including; it is the only English-speaking country in South America and it possesses high literacy and proficiency rates among young people.

Dr Dan said he is looking forward for the support of the Guyanese population in further expansion of the company’s operations.

Also speaking at the ceremony was Minister of Public Telecommunications and Tourism, Catherine Hughes, who expressed her thanks to company officials for having confidence in Guyana and pumping their investment dollars here. She said that with the call centre now launched, Guyana will see further technological advancements and a decrease in unemployment rates among youths.

The ceremony ended with the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon by Minster Hughes, Teleperformance-USA, Dr Dan and other officials representing the Government.



  1. These are not jobs. Post the salary. This type of human trafficking is causing our youths to loose hope
    With these jobs the youths can pay bus fare buy a cheap lunch credit for their phone and clothes to go to work

    Guyana needs real jobs for our youths to stem the crime rate and taking of their lives

  2. 1000 jobs to be created with launch of new call centre in Georgetown
    call center wok is great wok–high paying and in sum cases employees get far mo that what Nagamook getting as prime minister—–awww de guyanese people will now enjoy pnc good life –eat ya heart out Naga –call center people mecking far mo that you .


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