100 contracts awarded to small, new enterprises for cleaning projects


Junior Public Works Minister Deodat Indar during the handing over of the contract to one of the contractors during a ceremony at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre. [Ministry of Public Works photo]
Some 100 contracts were today awarded to small and new businesses as government embarks on a mission to ensure that all levels of the private sector benefit from public spending.

A simple ceremony was held at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre to distribute the contracts for weeding and cleaning of public spaces in Regions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

The contracts were awarded by the Ministerial Tender Board and the official signing was done by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Mr. Vladim Persaud.

In addressing the contractors, Minister within the Ministry of Public Works Deodat Indar disclosed that 75% of its weeding and cleaning contracts went to new entrants.

He noted too that with these contracts, employment for some 500 persons will be created.

Minister Indar further encouraged the awardees to do their job properly as taxpayers’ money is being used to provide a service and that service will be for the beautification of the communities.

The Permanent Secretary Mr. Persaud said, “The Ministry expects that the works will be done in keeping with the standards, therefore, the contracting service must perform excellent to be recommended for future projects.” Mr. Persaud added that the contractors must take pride in the delivery of the services as they work for work for the Government of Guyana and by extension for the people of Guyana.

Meanwhile, Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill encouraged the contractors to go out and get the work done. Minister Edghill said, “Don’t see yourselves as doing small jobs but see it as very important, do the work not just for the money but for the country.”