‎Thousands turn out at PPP/C rally in Essequibo

A section of the gathering at the rally
A section of the gathering at the rally
A section of the gathering at the rally

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Thousands of PPP/C supporters on Saturday, April 18 gathered at Damon Square, Anna Regina for what is being described as quite possibly the largest ever turnout at this venue.

The crowd, which spilled far and wide, welcomed incumbent President Donald Ramotar with rapturous applause as he delivered his vision for Guyana and more specifically for Essequibo over the next five years.

Speaking to the traditional rice farming region, he stressed that his government will put in place price support mechanisms for rice farmers “to ensure that we are able to cushion low prices from abroad and in the process expand our Agriculture base…”

He also highlighted efforts to resuscitate the coconut industry, which is a traditional sector in the Pomeroon River area. The continued search for oil and its numerous possibilities for job creation and accelerated development were also explained to the attentive crowd.PPP 1

Government’s effort to improve the ICT network across the coastland and the PPP/C manifesto plan of creating hundreds of jobs in Essequibo through the creation of call centers were also mooted and well received.

Prime Ministerial Candidate, Mrs Elisabeth Harper was welcomed with a thunderous roar from the crowd and she even began to shake to the music upon request from a group of vocal females in the gathering. She reemphasized her stance and plans to address issues of domestic violence but in an area which has been claimed by neighboring Venezuela, the career diplomat stressed that the PPP/C will continue to focus its efforts on preserving the integrity of our territory.

“The PPP/C remains steadfast against the claims by Venezuela…” Harper said.

President Donald Ramotar addressing the crowd at the rally.
President Donald Ramotar addressing the crowd at the rally.

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo, who still remains popular in the mainly rice production belt, lamented the desecration of the national monument next door of Damon on which the Opposition mounted their flags and warned that the action was evidence that it was the same old PNC.

Meanwhile, former AFC Executive Member and their former point man in Essequibo, Francis Darchiville, in his address warned of the deception being practiced by members of that Party, outlining that he was one of their victims.

Other speakers included PPP/C MP Cornel Damon who called for a continuation of progress.



  1. The “Thousands turn out at PPP/C rally in Essequibo” and were told nothing is planned to improve their standard of living.
    Instead they were treated to a comedy show by some of the best involuntary comics in the world- the PPP/Comics.
    They went home in disbelief after they realized that were misled by this bunch of comics for 23 years.

  2. pnc is wounded..pnc is hurting..i hope ppp knows how to treat a wounded animal..wounded and hurt animals tend to be more dangerous..ppp will need some UN security people…PNC means business..PNC knows their 35% is fully in tact…PNC knows Nagamoottoo cant deliver the 11% Indian votes..PNC knows their fate sealed now..PNC will have to account for that 12 seats give away to afc for nothing…

  3. WOW! I mean WOW! That’s a real crowd! I’m waiting to see and hear the negatives comments by Kooteur News and all those Guyana haters.
    I am getting more and more confident that the PPP will be given a Whooping 57% votes by the Electorates.
    Long live the PPP! God Bless Guyana!


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