‎Capitol News Reporter upset with police’s retort to assault complaint

Capitol News Reporter, Iva Wharton.

By Tracey Khan Drakes

Capitol News Reporter, Iva Wharton.
Capitol News Reporter, Iva Wharton.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Capitol News Reporter Iva Wharton, who was recently assaulted by Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba has expressed frustration at the manner in which police have handled the matter. 

Wharton told iNews that after reporting the August 26 physical attack to the police, two weeks later she is being told by a Senior Police Officer that the incident is still being investigated.

According to the Wharton, it seems as though this matter, like many others, will be swept under the carpet by the police because strings are being pulled. 

When asked if she believes the police have already taken sides, she responded “I would hope not and I say I would hope not because ‎there are some good policemen who want to do their work but because of the system. I hope that it is not favoritism it could have been an ordinary citizen, for her to do that to somebody then to be able to get away with it, it shouldn’t happen.”

Wharton said too, that after reporting the incident CID ranks visited the Town Clerk to question her, however received a call and were told to abort. ‎”I am just hoping that person who spoke to the police officers did not tell them to abort my case because the fact of the matter is I was the person who was assaulted, I was the person who Miss Sooba could have pushed down the stairs. I could have died or be seriously injured.”

Town Clerk [ag] Carol Sooba.
Town Clerk [ag] Carol Sooba.
Wharton was almost pushed down the steps of City Hall after Sooba accused her of conspiring with others to barricade her office.

Her office was barred by so far unknown persons after she refused to proceed on administrative leave that was voted on by the Council.



  1. as I said before ,some of these reporters need to learn how to conduct interviews…you don’t rush up to a person,push your mike into their mouths,push your camera into their faces, carry a hostile demeanour, and expect a self respecting person to meekly submit to your questions. training is important.


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