Student found playing with ‘real’ grenade in school

Generic photo a type of grenade, it is not known at this juncture what type of grenade the lad had in his possession and if the grenade was active, even though it was confirmed as being ‘real’.

Inews was reliably informed that the entire Timehri Primary School was rendered into state of panic and chaos when word got out that a grenade, presumed to be a toy, which a grade five student was playing with, turned out to be the real thing.

A teacher at the school, noticed the child playing with the explosive device but decided to inspect it based on the realistic look that it had. To her surprise and disbelief, when she felt the grenade she knew right away that it was no toy.

However, reports in the media, are that the teacher went to her superiors for them to confirm her findings but after inspecting it, she was told that it was a ‘toy’ by one and ‘real’ by another.

Not taking any chances the teacher contacted the Police, who subsequently confirmed that the “toy” grenade was, in fact, real.

Inews was informed that the child who was playing with the explosive device was taken to the Timehri Police Station and his parents were contacted. The parents, child and Head teacher of the institution were being questioned in relation of the bomb scare on Monday evening.

Meanwhile attempts to get on to senior government officials within the Ministry of Education and the police to solicit a response or obtain more information proved futile at this juncture.

More information will be provided in a subsequent report.


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