President in favour of private sector organisations being part of governance, regulatory systems, says PSC

Executive members of the PSC posing with President David Granger (4th from left) at State House

The newly elected officials of the Private Sector Commission (PSC) on Wednesday October 3, met with President David Granger at State House.

The officials expressed their commitment to working closely with Government for the greater good of the nation and the President responded with similar sentiments saying that he would seek to encourage this collaboration among the members of Cabinet and Government agencies.

The PSC pointed to its good relationships with the Ministers of Finance, Business and Foreign Affairs, in particular, and said that it looked forward to similar cooperation with the rest of the Cabinet.

Other matters discussed included the participation of the PSC in the development of the Green State Development Strategy where it has representatives on all seven thematic groups and the inclusion of PSC representatives on Government Boards and bodies across the country.

The Private Sector Commission also expressed the view that, in keeping with the Government’s thrust for localised development, members of private sector organisations in the communities should be part of the governance and regulatory systems in their communities.

This idea, according to the PSC in a statement, found favour with the President.

President Granger and the officials of the Private Sector Commission expressed the view that their encounter augured well for the forging of links between Government and the private sector.


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