PPP slams Govt’s decision to shut down LBI Estate


The Opposition People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) is strongly condemning the move by the authorities to shut down the operations of the La Bonne Intention (LBI) Sugar Estate, located on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD), stating that the “sneaky approach” used to announce this closure is simply a diversion from the swirling scandals surrounding the Administration.

According to the Opposition, the decision to shut down the operations at the LBI Sugar Estate, in a similar fashion as was decided in the case of the Wales Sugar Estate, West Coast Demerara (WCD) comes in the midst of a host of controversies concerning the APNU+AFC Government’s “corrupt practices in every area” of public life.

lbiIn a media statement today, the PPP stated that cloaking the move to close another sugar estate as plans at “consolidating”, “integrating” and “merging” the East Demerara estates is unacceptable.

“The PPP is of the view that collateral damage will result unquestionably; with sugar workers in particular and workers in general from other related industrial and service providers being seriously affected in the same way as the workers at Wales Estate. The PPP in its campaign to save Wales Estate had publicly alerted sugar workers in particular and workers in general that it should come as no surprise to them should the anti-working class Granger Administration move to shut down other sugar estates in the country,” the release said.

The Opposition reiterated its commitment in continuing to lend “firm and unshakeable support and solidarity” to sugar workers and their Trade Unions in their struggle to save the sugar industry and to “beat back the anti-working-class policies of the Granger Administration.”

Meanwhile, the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) yesterday confirmed that it will be moving ahead with plans to cease all operations at the LBI Sugar Estate. This is said to be in keeping with plans that had been made since 2011.

According to the sugar company, since in 2011, it, along with the workers’ Unions  met with each worker at the LBI factory over a five (5) day period to have discussions pertaining to the closure of the LBI factory and the topic of redeployment.

The LBI factory was subsequently closed in the same year and its workers were then redeployed to other posts at the Enmore Sugar Estate, ECD.



  1. All i said is PNC killing rice and sugar…(and by extension wiping out a specific ethnic section of the population)

  2. The PPPC seems to have amnesia it was their administration that closes Diamond and the LBI Factory in March 2011. The GAWU disagreed with the Diamond Closure but was a silent participant to the Factory closure.

    LBI Estate (an estate is one with a factory) was closed since 2011 by the PPP. Check the archival news PPP Govt paid the severance after Guysuco refused and wanted to have the workers taken to LBI to keep the LBI factory Going. We later see the reason why the wanted to close Diamond for the rip Guysuco of the valuable from the resources of the lands at Diamond.

    What the current management is doing is to salvage the remaining 800 workers that remained of the 2100 there with the grinding factory. These persons will be properly absorbed in the estate to further sustain and salvage what is left of Enmore. Workers of Enmore need not be fooled or Enmore will sooner or latter be exposed to realities facing Wales.

    Hypocrisy, Lies and deception

  3. wales,LBI, Rice,these will affect only one ethnic people,everyboby can’ t be pick pockets,choke and robbers.Shutting down without a plan.Massive growth.


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