PM Nagamootoo justifies closure of Wales Estate…says Govt not bound by sugar CoI recommendations


“I believe this and I say this sincerely that the agony of the Wales’ workers is a genuine agony…sometimes when some doors are closed, other opportunities are opened up. I believe for the workers of Wales and their families, I believe living all their lives dependent on the sugar factory and sugar estate is that their agony is shared by many,” Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo posited during his Budget Debate presentation last evening in the National Assembly.

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo

Nagamootoo explained that the closure of the Wales Sugar Estate factory does mean that the workers’ employed there would be displaced and suffer, but other opportunities for them to maintain their livelihoods can and will be available to them.

However, the Prime Minister opined that there is need for the sugar workers to be more educated on this move and the gains that can be achieved in the future.

“I still believe that efforts should be made to undo what had happened, that is; the workers were not told in a timely manner about the impending closure. I still believe that you need to have conversations with the workers and their families to explain what opportunities are opening up for them…how the closure of the factory and the merging of operations with Uitvlugt will affect the lives and perhaps make possibilities better for them,” Nagamootoo stated.

With regards to the Government’s move to close the Wales Sugar Estate Factory, although the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) report into the sugar industry did not recommend such a decision to be taken at this point in time, the Prime Minister declared that his Administration is not bound by everything which the Commissioners recommended.

“We have interrogated the Commissioners and we want them to explain their findings and to rationalise their findings but as a Government we are not bound by the recommendations…and we cannot dictate to the Board which is an independent and autonomous Board. We cannot give political directive to the Board if it says a certain operation should be rationalised,” the Prime Minister said.

According to Nagamootoo, when the Board of Directors (BoD) at the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) says that it has made a certain decision, his Cabinet takes “notice” of that decision, and has the right to either approve or disapprove.

“In this case we were convinced that there were good financial and economic sense to merge the operation of Wales with Uitvlugt because we believe that it had become a millstone around the neck of the sugar industry…if left to go unattended it would pull the entire sugar industry down and all the sugar workers would be affected in Guyana…” the Prime Minister added.

“The Commission’s report had been sent, had been tabled in this Parliament and referred to a select committee, or will be referred to a select committee in this House for its deliberations and considered view on the recommendations,” he added.




  1. I have a strong feeling you got stood up by a lot of guys, you are one hot chick who should stick to your nursing bottle,,,don’t rush into guys lol

  2. The Tears of the Wales Sugar Workers would fall on the APNU/AFC Regime. They cannot endure this Curse of Hell, for their days are now numbered. Daily, this Nation is diving into a deep and deeper Tunnel. We may not see the light for Generations to come unless the ABC Countries who put them there can take them out as early as possible. Hope they are watching.

  3. Soon if they have to use the toilet they will call an inquiry and then have to inform the US that they would like to MESS .

  4. Uncaring set of people. They just fattening their pockets at the poor peoples expense. And we haven’t forgotten that is the sugar workers taxes that pays those so called ministers their fat cat salaries. And is sugar bring all if our ancestors to Guyana.

  5. Oh dear, is it only Looknah have the sense to analyse this article…no one wants to loose their job but if certain cuts and adjustments need to be made to salvage the sugar industry don’t you negative people think it is better than to have the entire industry suffer. I’m a nurse and have been for 30 years and as the Holy Bible says, if an eye offend you pluck it out. People of Guyana, if a person have a limb rotting away and no matter what care is put into it it’s not getting better and the person refuse to have it remove the eventuality is that they will die with it. Oh please wake up Guyana. Other industries around the world is suffering too. Take for instance the steel industry in the UK (if u r following world news) many are facing closure due to cheaper market from China. If the demand for the produce has reduced than alternate solutions must be sought.

  6. Here goes this fool again. Prior to the elections he was going to save the sugar industry now he is in support to close Wales. Sugar Workers and Rice Farmers were fooled and tricked while this man was on the election campaign. I guarantee you, this chap can’t fool those people again.

  7. read and understand english or ask some fifth grader to explain what the maan said. he never said what you lying that he said here and you came away with this because you either have too much wax in your ear, wool over your eyes or you just plain lack basic education. the mrime minister said, the condition of the wales sugar factory [ not the entire wales sugar estate] is in such bad shape that to keep it operational the financial burden will tell on all the other sugar estates and like a millstone around the neck it will bring down what is remaining of the corporation. stop lying and spread propaganda and show actual solidarity for workers who are in distress by being part of the solution rather than speaking like you are ignorant!

  8. actually it is to try and keep the mouths on people like you shut! they have a coi and you still raising questions so, just imagine dem would have become burnham right away had there been no coi.

  9. Poor fella, the so called “PM”. HE CAN DO NO BETTER. He has to “toe the line” blindly if not Granger will fire him. Many would like to see this guy, who claims to be an independent thinker, confront his coalition colleagues on such controversial issues the same way he confronted his former comrades in the PPP. HE CANNOT DO IT.

  10. These geriatrics out lived their useful, like their annex at city hall, useless. One of the most corrupt government in the Caribbean. God help them! Wales we are with you…

  11. PM Nagamootoo justifies closure of Wales Estate…says Govt not bound by sugar CoI recommendations
    Hear what this f ing clown said::
    “I believe living all their lives dependent on the sugar factory and sugar estate is that their agony is shared by many”,” Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo;;;
    This piece of old shit lived his entire life on politics… The same cane cutters tax dollars minding him.. Lightning should strike he down f ing up he jaw bone to make him stop talking. he wanted power all his life just to make others dance to his tune while robbing them. He should be jailed.

  12. This is a crabdaag–he will sell his own to the scums of the earth for power–all the tears of those families will fall on those APNU thugs —they are celebrating now –soon they will rot in hell their kids will suffer worst than those families of Wales –“Karma is a Bitch’


  14. Nagamotoo is a world class DUNCE! He hang his lang mouth where soup falls! I really hope the Guyanese people open their eyes and see these crooks are ONLY after money and not the well being of the poor Guyanese….This government has no economic skills, they cannot offset loss/gain to keep the economy going….these ministers are soo foolish that everything they go to the US and see, they implement without feasibility studies to determine if it makes sense….what a set of dunce…these will take Guyana backward….ferry service and belly bottoms…welcome to nagamotto skills set.


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