OP ED: The Courts cannot be a party to effectuating an illegal grab for power


The move to the High Court to remove its injunction against the Chair and CEO of GECOM to not declare the results of the tabulation of the SOP’s for Region 4 since the statutory provisions governing the procedure were not followed. These provisions stated in Section 84 of the Representation of the People Act Cap 1.03 Revised Edition of the Laws of Guyana, needs no gloss: the SOP’s must be tabulated by the Returning Officer (RO) with the concurrence of the political parties contesting the elections.

This legal tabulation from the SOP’s was interrupted and remains incomplete. As such, the people of Guyana should now ask themselves whether the rule of law which demands that all be treated equally under the law, can allow the Court to allow this patently desperate manoeuvre by the APNU/AFC coalition to deny the will of the people as expressed in their votes. The removal of the injunction will allow the concocted numbers of the votes of Region 4 to be used as the basis to have David Granger sworn in as President of Guyana.

The abdication by the Chair and CEO of GECOM of their statutory duties must be noted and the only just outcome this morning would be for the Courts to declare that the law of the land must be followed, as all the Elections Observers, the Diplomatic Corps and Civil society organizations have called for.