National Commission for elderly gets new board


Cabinet has given its ‘no objection’ for the appointment of a new board to oversee the functions of the National Commission for the Elderly.

Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman at a post-Cabinet media briefing at the Ministry of the Presidency yesterday said the new members will include Everest Audrey De Leon as chair, Stanley Chase, Aleema Nasir, Wendel Roberts, Negla Brandis, and Dr. Melissa Dehart.

The Natural Resources Minister said the new members are charged with advising the government on policies for the elderly, and to coordinate and monitor programmes and services for them.

“The National Commission for the Elderly is concerned with improving the quality of life for all elderly citizens. It provides them with security and belonging, with feelings of health and worthiness,” Trotman noted.

Some issues handled by the commission include advocating concessions for senior citizens who use the public transport system and other services, such as bill payments, banking, pursuing legal matters and processing of passport and other applications.


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