Mother details horrific story of daughter’s rape at the hands of Guyana’s Defenders


…Police continuing investigations

Three members of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) stationed at Base Camp Stephenson, Timehri, East Bank Demerara are now in hot water for allegedly raping an 18-year-old girl.

The incident reportedly occurred on Friday evening after the teen was forcefully taken to the barracks by two of the three men in a vehicle bearing GDF plates.

Based on reports received, the teenager left her mother’s Timehri home about 21:00hrs with the intention of going by her grandmother to spend the night.

Her grandmother resides in the squatting area behind the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. However, as the teen solicited public transportation, a GDF vehicle reportedly stopped and offered her a lift, but she refused.

Soon after, “a tall red one” exited the vehicle and approached the young lady, leading her to believe that he wanted to talk, but instead, he grabbed and dragged her into the vehicle, the teen’s mother said detailing the series of events leading up to the tragedy.

The young lady was carrying a phone, but the men were not aware of that, so she stashed it. They reportedly took her to a house in close proximity to the base where they locked her in.

According to the teens mother “after she get locked in… she contact me and tell me to come save she that she just get kidnap by two GDF boys and they lock she in a room… she tell me that after they carry she in the house, she could hear other voices and then the place went silent.”

Without hesitation, the mother said she contacted her aunt and they went to the Timehri Police Station and explained the situation.

The Police, along with the teen’s mother and aunt, immediately went in search of her. “She called back and give we some direction, but as soon as she was about to give me more information, someone entered.”

“We tried calling her back, but the calls went to voicemail,” the mother stated. It was during this time, the teenager confirmed that one of the men raped her after which he left.

As soon as he left, the violated teen collected her phone and contacted her mother, but while doing so, another rank came in and allegedly told her “if you want we loose you, you got to put away the phone”.

While this was happening, the Police were still searching for leads and even went to the base to enquire. The mother claimed when she asked to speak with the officer on duty, the rank at the gate told her that he could take her, but insisted only she will be allowed to see him.

This, she claimed, did not sound right and, as such, she related it to the Police ranks who were with her and they too thought something was amiss.

Nevertheless, as they patrolled the area, they received another call from the teenager who informed them that the men had dropped her off where they had collected her.

“She tell us that they took a short cut, because they know we de searching the area…As we head down the hill, we see the soldier vehicle going up, but decide not to follow them and rushed to meh daughter.”

The teenager then related to the Police what had transpired and she was taken to the hospital where she was examined and doctors confirmed that she had sexual intercourse.

The matter was reported to the official at the base on Saturday morning, and with the assistance of a relative of the Guyana Police Force, the teenager positively identified two men after which a third was implicated.

The mother is holding out that the ranks of the GDF and the Guyana Police Force are supposed to protect the citizens of Guyana and not to bring harm to them. She is calling on the hierarchy of the Force to investigate the matter thoroughly, so that justice can be given to the teenager.


  1. The GDF is one of the most professional Militaries in the world. They have dutifully served this country no matter the Government and this matter needs to be dealt with decisively and in the correct manner.


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