Mother, daughter arrested over suspected murder of Linden man


A mother and her daughter have been taken into police custody over the suspected murder of a 47-year-old man of Linden, Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice).

The dead man has been identified as Samuel DeSouza, a labourer of Victory Valley, Wismar. He is suspected to have been murdered between 21:00hrs and 21:30hrs on Saturday.

The man, who lived alone, reportedly had an alteration with the mother. The mother and daughter would have later confronted the labourer.

Reports are that the labourer subsequently ran away through a track leading to his home. Some 30 minutes later, two men informed the mother and daughter that the man was dead.

The Police, on arrival at the scene, observed that the man was lying on his back in the track in front of his home.

A wooden-handle spear was observed resting on the man’s body. Three knives and a screwdriver were found in his pants waist. His mouth and right ear had what appeared to be blood. Police noted too that there were “superficial bruises” seen on the exposed parts of his body.

The body was escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex where it was examined by a doctor who pronounced him dead on arrival. A postmortem will be conducted.

Meanwhile, the mother and daughter were arrested and placed into custody assisting the police in their investigation.