‘Let us celebrate our precious ‘Guyaneseness’ by extending care, compassion’ – PNC


Christmas Message from the Peoples National Congress 

A happy and healthy Christmas to all!

The gospel of St. Luke in the Holy Bible reminds us that, on the eve of Jesus’s birth, angels proclaimed: “Glory to God in the highest and, on earth, peace, good will toward men.” The festival of Christmas, accordingly, celebrates the joyous message of “peace and goodwill’ to all mankind.

The passing year, 2020, unfortunately, witnessed a decrease in peace and the dissipation of goodwill in society. The tragic deaths of 162 citizens as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic – the most grave public health crisis in living memory – has brought unhappiness to countless households and fostered an unhealthy environment in public places in the hinterland and on the coastland.

The dismissal of scores of public servants who suddenly were made jobless in these difficult times amidst the pandemic and high rates of inter-personal violence, especially against children and women, have undermined the essential conditions for a good standard of living.

Guyana needs to return to the path towards becoming more compassionate country in which everyone, regardless of race, religion, region of residence, political persuasion or social status could live in peace and share the season’s goodwill with each other.

Let us celebrate this festival of Christmas by recalling the biblical proclamation of “peace and goodwill’.

Let us celebrate our precious ‘Guyaneseness’ by extending care and compassion within our families, communities and country.

I extend greetings for a happy and healthy Christmas to all Guyanese.