…and misconduct of public officials

Your Eyewitness is still floored by the barefacedness of this PNC government. Three years after they had sneaked into office on the back of trumped up charges that the PPP government had “siphoned off” billions and billions from the Public Treasury, all they can do is bring a charge of “MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE” against Ashni Singh and Brassington?? Jeez!!! That’s pathetic.

Yesterday we spoke about the Government creating a scapegoat to take the heat off their exploding corrupt shenanigans…but this scapegoat just walked right back into their den of iniquity!! Just look at the charge they brought, which originated in 18th century Common Law in England, then went into hibernation during the last TWO hundred years!!

If for nothing else than an indictable offence – carrying a life sentence penalty – should be worded very specifically to prevent abuse, specific statutes were created to deal with the multitude of sins that could railroad under the “Misconduct” umbrella…

In England, the “Committee on Standards in Public Life” (“CSPL”) has recommended since 1997 that a statutory offence be created. Even as we speak, the Law Commission will make a formal recommendation supporting. So what are the elements of the nebulous crime the Government expects to pin on Singh and Brassington?

As stated rather succinctly in a 2003 English case, these are: (1) a public officer acting as such; (2) wilfully neglects to perform his duty and/or wilfully misconducts himself; (3) to such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public’s trust in the office holder; (4) without reasonable excuse or justification.

Picking sense from nonsense, about the only element SOCU will be in a position to prove is the two fellas were PUBLIC OFFICIALS!! And we can now see why it took over two years after the much publicised audits to track the “case of the Purloined Billions and Billions” to pass muster from the DPP and the Police Legal Advisor!!

And, in fact, a pretty good case of railroading can be made just from the optics of the pic with the UK High Commissioner and his for-hire “crime experts” demanding the Government get tough on “corruption”!! Our legal prosecutorial whizz were nowhere to be seen.

Massa Day come back??  Just look at the specifics to be proven: that Singh and Brassington wilfully neglected to perform their duty and/or wilfully misconducted themselves to such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public’s trust in the office holder without reasonable excuse or justification on the sale of land that cost Guyana at most a few million US dollars.

So when are they going to charge Minister Trotman who cost us BILLIONS OF US greenbacks on the Exxon contract??

…and prohibited conduct

Well, Trinidad took a massive step in broadening human rights in the Caribbean when their courts just legalised anal sex…officially dubbed “buggery”. For years, LGBTQ activists have been beating on the doors of justice for the right to express their same sex orientation physically without breaking the law.

But to no avail – including here in Guyana.
The resistance came mostly from Christian and Muslim hardliners, who cited their texts to bootstrap their particular belief against homosexuality into state policy.

As the court in TT announced its decision, there were tears of joy from the LGBTQ community, but also taunts and jeers from the Musilmeen group. Two years ago, the matter had been brought to the CCJ from another angle: TT’s prohibition against allowing homosexuals into the country.

But the CCJ weaseled out by saying the law hadn’t been applied and the point was therefore moot. Well, it is finally moot AND legal to engage in anal sex in TT.
Guyana next?

…and misconduct in Pharma

PUBLIC Health Minister Volda Lawrence denied approving the purchase of some $605 million worth of emergency drugs by the GPHC.

So who’s the public official to be charged with “misconduct in public office”??



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