EYEWITNESS: Between a rock and a hard place…


…with coalition politics

You may think, dear reader, your Eyewitness is a tad too taken up (obsessed?) with the trials and tribulations of the AFC and APNU marriage pact. But as he took pains to point out before, it’s not just a matter about the wankers in the two parties – it’s about coalition politics in Guyana, writ large. And coalition politics is, frankly, the only way forward for us in our God-forsaken country.

And what the APNU/AFC coalition has shown us in the last three years is the PNC isn’t to be trusted. The PPP obviously knew what they were talking about when the question of “inclusive governance” with their then Opposition was first mooted. They insisted the PNC would have to prove it could be trusted. Well, we can all look at what happened to the AFC and absorb THAT object lesson!!

But after screwing the AFC royally – meaning the latter had to be singing “do wha’ yuh want wit’ me!!” while the deed was being done – APNU just demonstrated that’s not enough. It only took a HINT from PNC leader Granger that the Pre-Nup Accord should continue “as is”, for the AFC leaders to drop their tails between their legs, nuzzle up to him and moan, “No mas!” Of course, they couldn’t just say that right out…they want to ‘save face”… but mumbled as to how Trotman will be writing Granger on the matter.

But who do they think they’re fooling? Before Granger dropped his hint, hadn’t all the AFC leaders insisted they’d carry out their threat to “renegotiate” the Pre-Nup based on the recommendations of their high-level team they’d established a year ago? But they tried to distract observers of their coalition travails by announcing they MIGHT be going into the Local Government elections joined to the hip with APNU.

Might?? Might? There ain’t no “might” about what’s going happen at the LGE – save the “might” of the PNC being demonstrated!! As sure as the sun’s gonna rise in the east tomorrow, the AFC is gonna plead with the PNC to accept them on the LGE slate! For the simple reason that Chairman Ramjattan predicted three years ago – they’re now “dead meat” to the electorate!! And their dilemma is if they go it alone, that will be exposed for everyone to smell!!

And the PNC knows this…and it’s why Granger will have them swinging in the wind. A new Cummingsburg Accord WILL then be DICTATED as the pro quid quo for hiding the AFC under the PNC’s skirts.
And forget any 40 per cent of post-2020 Ministries, Rafael “Nassau” Trotman will be the last AFC man standing!

…on oil contracts

Your (modest and humble) Eyewitness hates bringing this up…but wasn’t he the first one to compare the oil contract ‘renegotiated” by “Nassau” Trotman with those of several African countries – including Uganda where the Government flew up a high-level team, courtesy Chatam House?? And how we suffered by comparison? Well, the press is finally moving – glacially! – towards the second point then made by your Eyewitness.

To wit – if those countries’ oil contracts were so much better than ours, but they’ve remained dirt poor – where did all the money go? It was literally SIPHONED off by the officials in the Governments…that’s what!! And we saw there were two ways the money-siphoning worked – either AFTER the oil was pumped or BEFORE.

The correlation when the terms were not so good for the country on paper, the money would be siphoned into private bank accounts of the Government officials.

So when will the local press begin to follow the money??

…on the Counterforce

The PNC wants to focus on the “counterforce” during what PNC-leader calls “the troubles”. But like newton’s law of “action and reaction”, doesn’t there have to be a “force” before the “counterforce”?

So who were the “political sophisticates” (according to Kwayana) who were behind this Buxton Force?


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