“Drag race” leaves 2 dead in Port Kaituma


A driver and his female passenger are now dead after the car in which they were travelling slammed into an approaching fuel truck during a “drag race” with another motorcar in the Port Kaituma area, Region One (Barima-Waini) on Wednesday.

Dead. Kim Cato

Dead are Lennox Jones and Kim Cato, both of Port Kaituma.

Dead Lennox Jones

The Police Commander of that Region, Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum, told Inews that Jones was racing with another vehicle along the route that leads to the toll gate in Port Kaituma when the accident occurred.

He explained that as Jones approached the toll gate on the narrow roadway, the hill in that location prevented him from seeing that a truck was approaching from the northern direction, and without this knowledge, Jones continued speeding along the route.

According to Commander Blanhum, the now dead man would have seen the truck too late and because he was speeding, the crash turned fatal.

Jones and Kato were trapped inside of the mangled vehicle and by the time that public-spirited persons were able to free them, the duo had died.

The head on collision at Port Kaituma, Region One on Wednesday afternoon

The Police Commander noted that the Police did not arrest the truck driver but that he is currently assisting with the investigation.

Meanwhile, the driver of the other motorcar that had been drag racing with Jones is presently in Police custody.