Community engagement to foster as St Ignatius gets new benab

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai and other regional officials cutting the ribbon to commission the benab

The involvement of both adults and youths is expected to be fostered in the village of St Ignatius as the new ‘Ariwa Village Benab’ was commissioned recently by Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, during her visit to Region Nine.

As she congratulated the village for their coordination and cooperation in helping to better the community, the Minister noted that the benab is important for residents and their leaders to congregate.

“A benab of this dimension is not a small project but it is a huge project that is vital for a community because a benab is understood to be the meeting place for the village and it is important for us as a government to always be engaged with the people as well,” said Minister Sukhai.

The cultural infrastructure can facilitate training programmes, community meetings, cultural events and other gatherings.

Meanwhile, the minister also encouraged the villagers to support their leaders and join in the development of the community. She stressed that unity and equity in a village are two features that will drive a region to profound success.

“We must remain united; we must stay willing and committed to community and village development. Once we join hands, we can achieve the impossible,” she posited.

The Amerindian Affairs leader called on the youths to be proactive in their village since their positive actions will not only help to better their village but the country at large.

Furthermore, Minister Sukhai said the government is very proud to work towards a One Guyana, an initiative formed by President Mohamed Irfaan Ali which is aimed at establishing inclusivity in the country.

“Our president is building out a philosophy that establishes a One Guyana where every single ethnic group in our country will be recognised, where all of our people will benefit from the resources and the proceeds that our country earns,” Minister Sukhai stated.

Just like all the other indigenous villages, St Ignatius has been benefitting tremendously from the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) funds.

Through this fund, Amerindian leaders are being given an excess of one million to purchase, establish or construct equipment and buildings to enhance the livelihood of its people.