Bandit shot after robbing DeWillem teen


A bandit is now under police supervision at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after he was shot by a security guard following a robbery on a teen last night.

The bandit, 24 year old Kevin Benn of John Street, Campbellville in the company of two others teenagers, were apprehended after attempting to rob 18 year old Navendra Rampersaud and his friend, Ramesh Sooklall.

Inews understands that the incident occurred at around 21:15hrs on Hinck Street where the two victims had just exited a taxi.

According to reports, the teens were pounced upon by the three men one of which was armed with a knife and Rampersaud was relieved of his cell phone.

However, when the second perpetrator attempted to rob Sooklall, an argument ensued which prompted the three men to flee the scene.

Ranks on patrol in the area at the time were informed and promptly responded to the scene.

They gave chase with the assistance of MMC Security patrol and were able to catch up with the three men on King and Regent Street.

One of the bandits attempted to relieve the security of his firearm but was however shot to his right side neck. The security guard received injures to his mouth.

Both men were taken to GPHC where they were treated. The security guard was sent away while Benn remain under Police supervision at the medical facility.

His accomplices a 19 year old of Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara ( ECD) and an 18 year old of Sophia, Greater Georgetown were taken into Police custody pending charges.



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