Armed bandits invade, rob home of Corentyne woman, visitors


Police are currently investigating the armed robbery of a Corentyne, Berbice family which occurred on Friday last, reportedly by six bandits, four of whom were armed with guns.

This publication was informed that Tamiko Barry, also called ‘Shelly’, 29, was at her Number 3 Village Corentyne, Berbice home in the back of the yard with a friend, Niramala Ramjattan and some neighbours socializing when they were attacked around 20:30h.

The bandits descended unto her premises from different directions.

One of them reportedly went straight to Barry and asked her for the $4 million which she had withdrawn from the bank earlier in the day.

“I don’t have no $4 million” the woman replied.

The bandit then relieved her of a gold chain valued at $85,000, a cellular phone valued at $120,000, and a purse containing two bank cards and a quantity of keys.

Meanwhile, another bandit took Ramjattan hostage and took away $90,000 she had on her, along with two gold chains and four gold finger rings.

Barry was then taken into the house while the other bandits guarded the visitors. The house was ransacked, and the men found a bag containing $230,000.

They then made good their escape.

No one has so far been arrested.



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