3 bandits storm Kato’s Hot spot, rob owner, customers at gun point

By Ramona Luthi
A business place in Georgetown was last night attacked by three bandits, who relieved the entity as well as its customers of large quantities of cash and valuables.
According to reports, the owner of Kato’s Hot spot, had left his father to maintain things while he went out.
The Owner’s father told Inews that shortly after his son left around 21:00hrs, three men approached him while he was sitting on a bench outside the bar and told him “don’t move.”
He said that two of the three men were armed and they were not masked.
Gangaram recalled that the men took him into the bar, where they held customers at gun point and proceeded to relieve them of cash and jewelry.
The armed men took away all the cash they could find at the business.
The ordeal lasted 10 minutes, after which the bandits fled the scene in a parked car.
The police were contacted and investigations are ongoing.


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