The new PPP or business as usual?


By The Piper

The PiperThe waiting is over. After nearly two months of speculation we now know whom the PPP is sending to parliament, and most importantly, that former president, Bharrat Jagdeo will indeed become the Leader of the Opposition. A number of points come to mind concerning the PPP parliamentarians soon to be sworn in, so let us get to work.

First, Bheri Ramsaran. His reinsertion into parliament is, at once, predictable and shocking. It is predictable because the PPP, like most Third World political parties are beholden to loyalty. Bheri has been around the PPP practically all his life, a loyal son one might say, and this simple fact entitles him to a seat in the legislature. Other parties in Guyana do the same. Hamilton Green’s warm embrace by the APNU+AFC, despite a storied history of confrontational politics – if not more, is also indicative of the loyalty factor.

Yet, the Bheri factor must trouble those who are not only keen on relations of gender, but also because the PPP lost a great opportunity to show some real resolve about discipline, broadly defined. Make no mistake about it; even PPP die-hard supporters watched the former minister’s performance with disdain. Jagdeo should assert himself and deport Bheri Ramsaran from parliament. Bheri’s loyalty can play itself out at Freedom House where he should be given desk duties.

It is good to see some new faces, not least Harry Gill and the young Charles Ramson. Gill heroically defended the PPP in a press that can only be generously described as hostile. One hopes that he is not made to simply sit around. The young Ramson must still prove himself by first getting to know the Guyana outside of Georgetown. He does have the general make-up on someone with a real political future. He will no doubt cull wisdom from his illustrious father who is both bright and constructively pugnacious against nonsense.

Bharrat Jagdeo has a real chance to show that he can rise above the relentless and often unfair criticisms of his opponents. As a two-term former president he will bring not only leadership to the PPP, but will also keep the APNU+AFC coalition on its toes. The debates in the legislature are bound to be of high quality on account of Jadgeo’s wonkish knowledge with practically every aspect of governance. He will, however, be better off if he sticks to the policy matters rather than getting tracked with petty issues.

Jagdeo needs to do two things immediately. Firstly, he must get a spokesperson who is not only media savvy, but someone who is also broadly educated in matters of economics and governance. This job should not be left to Freedom House, which is legendary for its bankrupt media operations. Rohee himself needs some assistance. And who will ever forget those rambling and incoherent post-cabinet Roger Luncheon briefings? Secondly, the new opposition leader should strike a careful balance between devolving leadership opportunities to his colleagues in the PPP, while at the same time institute a regime of discipline becoming of parliamentarians. That basically means hard work. If I may say so, Jagdeo needs to develop a quiet kind of leadership, a form that President Granger seems to have mastered. What do you think?



  1. Look, Jadgeo and the PPP had 23 years.During the PPP reign Georgetown was litterally stink. Trash piled up everywhere. It is not unreasonable to conclude that the PPP govt didn’t even notice. They were too busy filling there pockets and with their arrogance they didn’t even percieve loosing the election . In fact they still don’t believe they lost. They are DELUSIONAL.

  2. Could someone tell me, did Jadgeo run in the elections? If not, how does he sit in Parliament as the leader of the opposition without being elected.

  3. ” If may say so, Jagdeo needs to develop a quiet kind of leadership, a form that President Granger seems to have mastered.”
    Piper, let’s examine the last sentence, I do enjoy reading your analysis of different topics you have done so far. To suggest that I agree with you all the way would be most mis-leading and I am sure you would agree that you do not expect everyone to agree with every thing you have written on so far.
    Every person has a different personality the beginning of which was formed from since the early childhood days and developed as he/she grows into adulthood I won’t go into the details into personality development as I am by no means an expert in this area.
    Mr Jagdeo and Mr Granger have their own styles of leadership and both can adapt their styles to different situations as the circumstances demand. I believe that Mr Jagdeo does not need to change to quiet kind of leadership as this, in the Guyana context, would be perceived to be a soft leader with no vision. He should be himself and remain assertive. It’s because of this assertiveness, some label him as being dictatorial. The current crop of politicians that make up the current administration and even some within his own party, cannot stand any assertive leader; a leader with vision and passion and the courage to persevere.
    Mr Jagdeo is a NATURAL.
    Mr Granger’s style which you described as quiet, is inappropriate for the Guyana situation.
    Remember when a former prime minister of the UK, Ian Duncan Smith, described himself as ”the quiet man”, he came in for a lot of criticisms.
    The problem with the opposition and the Jagdeo haters, is that they are afraid of his popularity despite the daily bashing he has been receiving from Stabroek news, Kaeiteur News and other online newspapers.

  4. I don’t know what some people expect of a columnist but as far as this kind of writing goes The Piper is as balanced as you can expect. The Piper clearly criticize the PPP and and other parties but also gives them their due. Some people cannot rest unless what they read is brutal against their favourite enemy. They want to see nasty little articles day after day and if they don’t they bring out their real side and attack without any reservation. Thanks to the Piper for keeping an open mind and showing different angles.

  5. I don’t understand why Mr Jagdeo is the leader of the PPP. He was president for two terms why not just go away and enjoy your life. Question for some one on this board. Can he run for president again??

  6. i do not think , the ppp has the blessing of the poor and ordinary man, in this country, you are using this site to make them look important, which is a shame,
    they stole from our people , to enrich themselves,

  7. should jadeo get into parliament he would have to defend his whom was the president of Guyana and left a good and green Guyana with ramotar former president jadeo have the best intellect as it related to the best qualities of economics of which he is an economist to run a country and that man is capable enough with to run this country.

  8. What do I think? They should be charged with misappropriations of government funds and theft. Look at what has been discovered over the past two months. Bankrupt industries, incomplete projects, nepotism, etc, etc. Jagdeo should not be returning to main steam politics. He should be behind bars along with the other ministers. You are a joke!!!!!

  9. In relation to jadgeo. Can a zebra erase its stripes? Habits are easily formed but difficult to ge rid of.


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